Experience Alchemy:  Be the Change in the World

Catherine gravitates to both right and left-brain ways of being and doing.

She is a teacher and student of life.

As a leader, facilitator and coach, she quietly listens,

provides a calm and creative space for reflection,

inspiring connection to Source

and one’s Life Force.

In creating a learning environment, she shares transformative practices for others

to develop their own

leadership presence, instil creative confidence,

and express one's Soul potential.

In this space, be inspired to connect with your own inner essence,

wisdom, and vision.


From this place,

take action,

raise your vibration and your voice!

Catherine brings a holistic approach to her work and draws upon her extensive experience and curiousity in the realm of the arts, science, and spirituality.

She shares her passion for creativity as a trained facilitator in SoulCollage® (2009), ShakeYourSoul®, YogaMeetsDance™ and Sound Healing (2011).  She is also a Reiki Master (1999) and teacher/practitioner of several energy healing modalities.

She received a BSc in electrical engineering and worked in Information Technology - in many different roles (Senior Project Manager, Leadership Development Facilitator, Program Manager, Change agent, Team Leader, Business Analyst, System Analyst and Programmer) - for over 14 years. Catherine is also a graduate of the professional coaching program at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (2001).