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Bliss Oils, Client Sessions

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Bliss Oils

Air, Fire, Earth, Crystal and Water

Bliss Oils are Sacraments of the Nemenhah Native American Church

According to Dr.Norman Shealy, “The five rings represent the single most effective way to ensure health and longevity! Restoring your DHEA, Calcitonin and reducing free radicals are the most proven way to enhance regeneration of telomeres, the tips of DNA responsible for health and longevity!”

Transcutaneous Acupunture

and Embodied Presencing Meditations

In these introductory sessions, learn and practice the sequence of activating all five sacred rings energetically.

A different Bliss Oils sample will available for use per evening. In addition, Embodied Presencing Meditations will be offerred to support release of stress and tension held in the body.