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Learn about, connect and tune into your Higher Self, your Soul essence.  

Tap into your energy body/energetic field to promote well-being and release stress with

Axiatonal Re-alignment

Axiatonal Re-alignment energy work brings alignment of flow throughout the energy body. Receiving an Axiatonal Re-alignment empowers activates, energizes and/or balances the flow of chi (ki, prana) along your acupunctural meridians, chakras, and merkaba light body.

Reconnective Healing®

Receive and attune to vibrational frequencies of light and information that is most appropriate for you. ”In essence healing is this: the release or removal of a block or interference that has kept us separate from the perfection of the Universe. Yet healing is also about our evolutionary restructuring of our DNA and our connection to the universe at a new level” - Dr Eric Pearl

The Reconnection®

The Reconnection® brings your energy field/body into alignment reconnecting axiatonal lines, DNA strands and strings. Reference: The Keys of Enoch 3-1-4 by J.J. Hurtak


is a Japanese healing art and philosophy which can be used for stress reduction, and to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Reiki is the universal life force which flows to and from our unique and individual life force.

Catherine apprenticed with Julie Desmarais, and received her Reiki Master designation in 1999.  In 2009, Catherine attuned to and upon request offers Ascension Reiki attunements.

She also offers individual sessions using

Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® (2009),  

Sound Healing (program w/Tom Kenyon, 2011),

Axiatonal Re-alignment (2012),

Essence of Angels (2015).